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The private company BCC Cable Consulting was founded in 2012 by Prof. Brakelmann in Rheinberg, Germany.


Our consulting activities are focussed on high-voltage and high-current problems, especially on cable problems. We are highly qualified in cable problems, especially in questions of optimising wind farm cabling and export cables. Available analysis tools are e.g. inhouse-developed programs for the stationary and transient thermal and electromagnetic processes in cable systems and their transmission behaviour.


Many innovative ideas of Prof. Brakelmann, e.g. construction features of land and sea cables, monitoring system with intelligent forecasting, special magnetic shielding of cables etc., have already been realised in practice. An excerpt of our projects you can find under Projects.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Brakelmann


Founder and director of BCC. Professor emeritus at the Institute for Energy-Transport and -Storage of the faculty for engineering sciences of the University of Duisburg-Essen. Main research fields: power cable technologies (ETG-award in 1982). Chief consultant in numerous important cable projects. Member of the advisory board of "Netzplattform" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Heinrich Brakelmann, VDE/CIGRE, Institute for Energy-Transport and -Storage of the faculty for engineering sciences of the University of Duisburg-Essen. His main research fields are the power cable technologies (ETG-award in 1982). He studied electrotechnique at the Technical University of Aachen (diploma in 1971), where he wrote his doctoral thesis about circuit-breakers in 1973.


In the following years, he was with the Felten & Guilleaume Energietechnik AG in cologne as leader of a r&d-unit, engaged in power cable problems. In 1977 he startet as chief engineer at the University of Duisburg, got his habilitation in 1985, was elected as an apl. professor in 1992 and as a full professor in 1994. Most over these years, he was/is a member of the German working groups AK 411.1.1 and CIGRE WG21-02 (current ratings of cables), AK CIGRE SC 21 (cables), CIGRE-WG B1-05 („Transient effecting long cables“), CIGRE WG B1.23 (“Impact of EMF on Current Ratings and Cable") and  CIGRE WG B1.41 (“Long term performance of soil and backfill of cable systems”). He is author of approx. 260 technical publications and of four book-publications in the field of cable technique as well as high-voltage and high-current problems.


In numerous important cable projects, Dr. Brakelmann was – and is, at time - involved as a consultant with authoritative investigations in the optimised layout of cable links, so e.g. with respect to special EMF-measures. He is a member of the advisory board of the “Netzplattform” of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy (BMWi) for “Sustainable Grids”.

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